Sr. Fathma Lutfi | Elementary School Aftercare Teacher

Sr. Fathma moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 2013 and started working at Al-Rahmah School (ARS) as an Assistant Teacher, and as a teacher in Al-Rahmah Nursery (ARN) Aftercare in 2014. She loves working at ARS and ARN. The children make her happy. She especially likes seeing them smile and laugh when she tells them funny jokes. She said that the children have taught her a lot about love, patience, and compassion.


She was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and her parents are both Palestinian which is why she speaks both Arabic and English. She graduated from High School in 2005 and graduated from College in 2013 in Tampa, Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice. Even though that is her degree, she is very passionate about working with children. For that reason, she always does her best to ensure they are safe while also making sure they have fun while they learn.