About Us

Welcome to Al-Rahmah Nursery

Al-Rahmah Nursery and Childcare is a State approved facility for children ages two to five years.

Al-Rahmah Nursery and Childcare is a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) approved facility for children ages two to five years. Founded in September of 2000, ARN started with twenty students and has now become a well-known Preschool Program that is serving the needs of the community in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

We not only provide convenient care hours for children of working parents, but we also operate on a sound Islamic and educational philosophy that has resulted in parents’ desire to send their children to our center. We provide hands-on enrichment activities, both in Islamic Studies and General Education, which boost the cognitive development of children and prepare them for elementary school and beyond.

Our program offers the following benefits to our families:

- Qualified and credentialed staff in early childhood education;
- Safe, child-friendly, environment;
- Age-appropriate activities promoting emotional, social, and intellectual growth;
- Opportunities for individual and group participation;
- Opportunities for daily indoor and outdoor play;
- A balance between self-selected and staff-directed activities; and
- Developing the love of our Creator and His Prophet SAW.