Transitional Kindergarten

What Is TK?

TK stands for Transitional Kindergarten. TK classrooms are offered to older 4-year olds and younger fives who are not able to attend Kindergarten due to birth dates (will not be 5 in September) and Maryland State Department guidelines for enrollment.


Junior InvestiGators curriculum will be used as a continuation to The InvestiGator Club from PreK-4. The integrated program offers a transitional year of purposeful play and participatory learning-focused largely on children's social and emotional development, with the foundational skills needed to transition to either kindergarten or first grade.

Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies

The faculty-developed curriculum for Islamic studies and Quran is comprehensive and age-appropriate for our TK students. It includes memorization of surahs, hadeeth, supplications, and learning Islamic etiquettes. Our TK students learn ten hadeeths and last fifteen surahs from Juz Amma. They also learn how to make wudu and pray salat. Islamic manners are incorporated throughout the day’s activities.

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