‘The InvestiGator Club’ is a culturally rich, fully integrated preschool curriculum that focuses on ten critical domains of learning, including literacy, math, science, social studies, oral language, and creative arts. Children are taught basic readiness skills, such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, and they are also encouraged to experiment, build structures, appreciate fine art, sing, dance, and engage in dramatic play.

Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies

The faculty-developed curriculum for Islamic studies and Quran is comprehensive and age-appropriate for our young pre-kindergartners. It includes memorization of surahs, hadeeth, supplications, and learning Islamic etiquettes. Our Pre-K students learn ten hadeeths and last fifteen surahs from Juz Amma. They also learn how to make wudu and pray salat. Islamic manners are incorporated throughout the day’s activities.

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